Thomas, ein junger Frauenheld, wacht eines Morgens nach seinem üblichen Partyexzess auf und entdeckt, dass er Dinge auf Facebook gepostet hat, an die er sich nicht erinnert: Beleidigungen an Freunde, verfängliche Videos etc. Als schließlich ein Video auftaucht, in dem er einen seiner One-Night-Stands vor den Zug wirft, droht er völlig im Wahnsinn zu [...]

Kitchen Odyssey


The main character in this stop motion animation is lonely in his photograph hanging by the fridge. His attention is drawn to a lovely lady in a photograph at the other side of the kitchen. He decides to leave his grey environment and embark on a dangerous journey. He needs to hurry when he [...]



CIRCLE depicts a young woman in despair, who after experiencing a tragic loss escapes into the seemingly perfect past. She loses herself in vivid memories and starts to neglect her real life. A constant inner struggle emerges between past and present, distorting her perception of reality. Directed by Alexander Heringer [...]

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